WolveSpirit - Fire and Ice - Digital Edition

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Produktinformationen "WolveSpirit - Fire and Ice - Digital Edition"
Hard rock with deep roots in the 1970s, cleaned up for self-loving frills and yet refined as usual by WOLVESPIRIT, who knock out the teeth of the unworldly hippie with "Fire and Ice" without noticing it. A familiar sound in the spirit of the genre gods, but the devil is, as so often with really timeless music, in the details. So far the band was a colorful dog, now they see red until further notice.
Tell Me Why   
Fire And Ice
Break The Chain
Wheel Of Life
Feather In The Wind
Like A Wolf In The Night
At The End
Rock N Roll Gipsy
No More

Digital Version - You will receive a link after download. MP3 High Quality - 320kbps
Sound-Quality: MP3 - 320kbps, Wav - 44.1 Khz - 16 bit

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