WolveSpirit - Blue Eyes - Digitial Edition

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Produktinformationen "WolveSpirit - Blue Eyes - Digitial Edition"
Produced and mixed by Andrija Tokic in Nashville TN, the Album Blue Eyes was recorded entirely analog on a Studer 8 track tape machine.
The basic tracks were tracked live capturing the feel and emotion of the music in it´s rawest most unfiltered form.
Digital Version - You will receive a link after download. MP3 High Quality - 320kbps
The release was conceived equally successful by critics as well as by fans and entered the TOP 100 of the official German Charts.
1 You Know That I'm Evil
2 I Am What I Am
3 I Want To Love
4 True Blood
5 Soul Burn
6 Space Rockin'woman
7 Road Of Life
8 Witchcraft
9 Arise
10 Dance With The Devil

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