Fire Bug T Shirt - Men
Awesome T with Artwork of the Fire & Ice Album

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Shirt and "Fire and Ice" Album Bundle
Fire and Ice album in jewel case format and a t-shirt (100% cotton, size M, L, XL) available. Psychedelic / heavy rocker Wolvespirit, led by Debby Craft, release their new album "Fire and ice" via their own label Spirit Stone. The album was recorded at the Southern Ground Studio in Nashville, where the Foo Fighters and Eric Clapton already produced their discs.

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Blue Eyes Limited Deluxe Box Set Vinyl LP von WolveSpirit 180g Purple
Deluxe box, limited to 500 copies. Includes: the album on 180g heavy vinyl (white / purple / marbled) the Deluxe CD Digisleeve version including 2 bonus tracks an art print a Wolvespirit petrol lighter a signed autograph card Wolvespirit is more than a band. Stop, don't roll your eyes annoyed after this first sentence. We all know that something like that can be said quickly, usually not more than an advertising phrase. Most of time. Wolvespirit is different. More confident. More real. The band is on fire, no matter what they do. "We are all free spirits," says lead singer Deborah Craft. The main principle of the psychedelic rock dream catcher from Würzburg is: Do it yourself if you really want to be satisfied. So another phrase that is tried by every band that just tunes their guitars themselves.

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WolveSpirit - Tribal Woman - Tank Top Men
The Tank Top Shirt is available in S, M, L, and the colors red, white, blue, and black.

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Blue Eyes T Shirt Ladies
Awesome T with the Album Artwork of Blue Eyes

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Free (Jewel Case)
The Album Free was produced and mixed by hard rock legend Michael Wagener in his Studio Wirewolrd in Nashville TN.1 I Am Free  2 Shining 3 Let Me Live  4 Into The Mirror  5 Angelman  6 Moonlight  7 My Best Friend  8 Wild Woman  9 This Is Love10 Time Lord  11 Spirit In My Soul  12 Sometimes  13 Mercy

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The band has an American singer with a voice that can rouse the dead. On three records and two EPs, she has shown that she has the necessary armor to perform with all the greats of the classic rock world. Their last work, Free, astounded all the major rock magazines, received much attention from the press, and got them a support tour for the great Uriah Heep. All of this happened without the help of a big label or an elaborate marketing plan. It was all made possible by a band that has come a long way since its foundation, who have learned to always master situations and sell handfuls of records themselves. Things did not become easier. “This is the price we pay for our freedom,” the frontwoman says. They grew, never gave up—and after six years they are a confident band, more self-assured than ever.

Finest Vinyl

Blue Eyes (Blue Vinyl)
Produced and mixed by Andrija Tokic in Nashville TN, the Album Blue Eyes was recorded entirely analog on a Studer 8 track tape machine.The basic tracks were tracked live capturing the feel and emotion of the music in it´s rawest most unfiltered form.The release was conceived equally successful by critics as well as by fans and entered the TOP 100 of the official German Charts. Tracklisting1 You Know That I'm Evil2 I Am What I Am3 I Want To Love 4 True Blood5 Soul Burn6 Space Rockin'woman7 Road Of Life8 Witchcraft9 Arise10 Dance With The Devil

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Fire and Ice (BlackVinyl)
loaded with riffs and powerful Just a year after their last album »Blue Eyes«, with which they also conquered the German charts for the first time, WolveSpirit 2018 already presented the successor: »Fire And Ice« is the fifth long-player of the German rock band around the American Debbie Craft and the brothers Oliver and Rio Eberlein. It is also the first record with her new drummer Timo Mühler, who joined the band last year. The band recorded nine new pieces for "Fire And Ice", in which they remain true to their signature, which lies somewhere between classic, psychedelic, hard and blues-rock with a good 1970s flair. How this sounds exactly was already revealed by WolveSpirit in advance with the single "Tell Me Why". And that shows: WolveSpirit remain as reef-laden and powerful as ever. If you want to see for yourself, you can order »Fire And Ice« now. In addition to the standard CD, "Fire And Ice" is also available as a CD in a digipak. Record fans will get their money's worth with the splattered vinyl LP, the mint colored vinyl LP or the double LP on crystal clear vinyl. Reviews »Wolvespirit's great strength remains goal-oriented compositions. The group underpins its position as pack leader. «(5/7 metal hammer) »Good all the time!« (7, 5/10 Rock Hard) »You can hardly play Classic Rock with more emotion!« (8/10 Powermetal) "All Killers, no Fillers!" (4, 5/5 guitar) Tracklist Tell Me Why Fire And Ice Break The Chain Wheel Of Life Feather In The Wind Like A Wolf In The Night At The End Rock N Roll Gipsy No More

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Limited Edition to 500 Copies 10" Mini-LP in TURQUOISE Vinyl. New 3 Track EP 2015 with new songs icl. Cover Version of "Keep Me Hanging On"

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Tracklist 1.1. TELL ME WHY 1.2. FIRE AND ICE 1.3. BREAK THE CHAIN 1.4. WHEEL OF LIFE 1.5. FEATHER IN THE WIND 1.6. LIKE A WOLF IN THE NIGHT 1.7. AT THE END 1.8. ROCK N ROLL GIPSY 1.9. NO MOREWOLVESPIRIT "Fire and Ice" - available as a deluxe double LP, crystal clear vinyl, gatefold. 45rpm. Incl. Art print and 2 vouchers for a Wolvespirit show of your choice in autumn / winter 2018 Genre: hard rock Of course there is more than one reason to start a band. But only one that really counts: Because there is no other way. Because something has to come out, something has to be said, a vision with liters of passion, passion and dedication has to become reality. An artist with such a vision is Debby Craft. The leader of the free-spirited rock pack WolveSpirit doesn't make music to feed her ego, get rich or cheered. No, she's making music for the same reason that Janis Joplin started making music. A Grace Slick, a Stevie Nicks. Like those fearless women, Debby lives in a time of turmoil, fear, and crisis. "In bad times, the best music is written," she says briefly. "You just have to think about how the blues was born." Bad times as a catalyst also drove the Doors, Jimi Hendrix or Joan Baez onto the stage. And, as a modern counterpart in sound and spirit, since 2009 also WolveSpirit. On four albums so far, she and her band have exorcised their own, pure version of classical rock music, the last, psychedelically inspired "Blue Eyes", reached 32nd place in the German album charts. For a group that cherishes the DIY philosophy like a Zen garden, this is more than remarkable

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Free (Black Vinyl)
The Album Free was produced and mixed by hard rock legend Michael Wagener in his Studio Wirewolrd in Nashville TN. 1 I Am Free  2 ShiningFeaturing – Mark Slaughter 3 Let Me Live  4 Into The Mirror  5 Angelman  6 Moonlight  7 My Best Friend  8 Wild Woman  9 This Is LoveFeaturing – Mark Slaughter 10 Time Lord  11 Spirit In My Soul  12 Sometimes  13 Mercy 

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10" Mini-LP in BLACK Vinyl. New 3 Track EP 2015 with new songs icl. Cover Version of "Keep Me Hanging On"Tracklist01 Dreamer02 You keep me hanging on03 Knocking on your door

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