1. Sound Quality

Every vinyl lover agrees that vinyl sounds different from MP3 and CD. On vinyl, the instruments sound mixed in between, therefore, more clear to the listener’s ear. For those people that love to hear the beat of the bass on a song, well, it sounds much better on a gramophone too.

 2. You will find out new music

While shopping over your favorite records, you will eventually find new artists or albums that you never heard of. The chances of finding something wonderful are high.

 3. Art Cover

Every single LP cover has a story behind it, it’s a very well thought work. Even inside, it’s always beautiful and full of information. Lots of people use it to decorate walls and rooms as well, and it looks great.

 4. Autograph Material

Have you ever imagined running into your idol and taking a vinyl to be autographed? The artist will be happy, you will be happy and will have a collector’s piece of art. 

 5. Vinyl Store

The nicest thing about vinyl buyers is that they like to chat about it face-to-face. During your visit to a record store you will be able to learn and exchange experiences with other people and even the shop owner, who always have a good tip for a client. 

 6. Durability

A well-cared vinyl record from 1950 can sound as good as the day it came out of its brand new box. Those records have a great longevity, much better than CD’s, which material is not as good. Humidity and heat affect CD’s more than vinyl.

 7. It’s an Investment 

The other medias are easy to produce so ended up losing their commercial value. Meanwhile, many vinyls have become rare and valuable.

 8. Bonus Tracks and other surprises

Nowadays the record companies, with the purpuse of stimulating the sells over this product, and knowing how compulsive some buyers are, adopted a new way of promoting it. They put bonus tracks on vinyl, offering codes for downloading new stuff, songs and exclusive material from artists.

 9. Music comprehension 

As the LP demands that you be on a quiet and cozy place, not driving, running nor practicing sports, you will have time to appreciate and absorb all the information that music can give to you.

 10. Second-Hand Vinyl shopping

Walking errands for vinyl shopping is always an adventure. Luckily you can find some secret stores or open fairs selling second-hand iconic vinyls on a great price. 

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